Nom Nom

“The story of Nom Nom began in 2013 with an idea to attach a sentimental clover charm to a necklace. 
Using the simplest components, a bead and string, an innovative new style was born.

Since then, Nom Nom has developed a loyal following of individuals who have turned to Nom Nom as a stylish way to tell their own personalised stories through combining charms and gems to necklaces, bracelets and rings in their own unique way.

The Nom Nom necklace has become the ideal gift for any occasion; a bespoke keepsake that can be cherished and which one can build on and fill with personal memories and milestones.

The Nom Nom range is inventive and offers a wide range of gift ideas for all ages and caters to men, women and children. 
The range is now available online and a variety of stores around the country.

Nom Nom now boasts fans around the globe. How will you tell your story with Nom Nom?”

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