“Founded in 1848, Omega’s pioneering spirit has consistently led the way in design, innovation and history-defining moments.

Omega are, in fact, one of the very few watch brands to be named after a movement – the 19-ligne “Omega” calibre of 1894. In the 125 years since that revolutionary creation, the OMEGA name has been recognized as a symbol of excellence.

OMEGA is proud to have been standing at the forefront of the watchmaking world, delivering breakthrough technology that has boldly shaped the industry.

This same dedication and passion has also cemented a renowned legacy encompassing sports timekeeping, adventure and space exploration.

In 1969, the OMEGA speedmaster became the first watch worn on the moon and, since 1932, OMEGA have fulfilled the vital role as Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games. In fact wherever time moves, OMEGA has continued to achieve and inspire with an enduring commitment to the people and pioneers who make the most of every second.” 

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